September 09, 2007

Packed My Bags and Hit the Road

The bags are packed and I hit the road. It's not you Blogger, it's me. I need just a little more flexability without all the hassle. In the meantime, I'll be speading my wings over HERE.

September 05, 2007

... And how was your weekend? Mine was quiet. Usually Labor Day will find me jumpin' up pon de Parkway, but my heart wasn't into it this year. As much as I love the music and food and meeting up with family and friends, the projected million plus crowd was a deterrent. So I headed out to Queens to see my Mom and pick up the Mal-Man since he has been spending his last few days of summer with is "Nana". However, I made a pit stop at one of my favorite haunts and bought this:

and in the spirit if my West Indian roots, this:

Which I was really surprised and very happy to find. I couldn't put it down and was really taken in my the enticing imagery and in-depth articles on food throughout the West Indies. There aren't too many magazines coming out of the Caribbean so guess what is being added to my subscription list. The Post Office is going to LOVE me. heh heh ;-)

August 27, 2007


With a little free time on my hands, I have been obsessing over sock yarn. I guess with the rainy and chilly weather last week and The Holiday on constant rotation in the dvd player, I am ready for a seasonal change [among other things]. Here's just a sample of what's in the stash.

Koigu KPPM - I bought this colorway at Purl Soho wih the intention of knitting something "fun" for my sister. I decided on the Monkey socks from the Winter 2006 Knitty. I am loving the way these are coming out. I just may keep them for myself. ;-).

Here is a close up of the pattern:

... and some more Koigu KPPM bought at School Products. I was thinking about some Jaywalker's for this colorway.

... and some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Bitter Sweet" that I bought on ebay from Yarnbow [LOVE THEM!] I have started Jaywalkin' with it.

I have to pace myself before I wind up all tangled in yarn ... and broke. LOL.